What is SSAI:

(SSAI) Server Side Ad Insertion is a process to insert ads dynamically into a producers video content It allows transition from a piece of content to an advertiser and back to the content in a streaming environment delivering a broadcast TV experience across streaming devices.


  • Loss of revenue due to ad blockers (estimated to be $35B by 2020 by Digiday)
  • Poor user experience and quality of service
  • Difficulties monetizing live content
  • Requires integration with all devices resulting in slower time to market and higher maintenance costs

Improving and Monetization

  • Extends Ad Server business rules to drive complex Ad monetization decisions including ad splits between content provider and distributor
  • Waterfall Concurrent calls to Ad Servers as per Inventory Split rules
  • Improves user experience and performance (especially for high concurrency
    • Pre-fetching / pre-caching of Ads to reduce concurrency on Ad Servers
    • VAST calls to Ad Servers at uniform rate (without spikes)
    • Maintains a queue of Ads per user in internal memory, thereby enabling a higher fill rate for Ads under high concurrency
  • Optional client SDKs
    • Support for all major devices (web, IOS, Android, Roku, etc.)


Complete Customer Control with Intuitive User Interface

Real-time reporting and analytics

  • Secure login to view key metrics, reportsĀ and analytics (number of users, viewing sessions, ad inventory and impressions, quartiles, devices, geos
  • Consolidated view of all Ad Tags impressions, fill rates, requests, etc.

Configuration Management

  • Setup and configure streams for ad insertion and ad tag
  • Define ad policies, and ad splits business rules for choosing ad tags on the fly

Cost Models

  • CPM + minimum monthly support
    • Discounted if hosted on customer cloud account or deployed on customer premises
    • CPM price typically driven by insertions volume and concurrency requirements
  • Platform license + annual support
    • Optional Cap-Ex model (based on capacity tiers)
  • White label