• Integration with ad servers and programmatic ads marketplaces
    • VAST 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
  • Automated workflow through Groundswell Platform
    • Industry-wide MACROs supported for passing data marketplaces
    • Custom values in the form of key-value pairs are supported
  • Completely automated system
    • Unrecognized ads are automatically transcoded and cache
  • Comprehensive reporting
    • Number of ad served, quartiles, inventory, user views, and more
    • Customer reporting data using APIs



  • Access key metrics, reports and analytics
    • Number of users, viewing sessions, ad inventory and impressions, quartiles, with real-time trend, charts and downloadable spreadsheets
    • Cross data points to generate custom metrics (available via API)
  • Content ad metrics
    • Content-ad metrics data provides segregated ad information with respect to assets over region, devices and other categories
    • APIs available to fetch data for custom representation and analytics



  • Web: JWPlayer 6 and 7
  • Roku: Brightscript SDK
  • iOS: native Ios player
  • Android: Exoplayer (Java)
  • Amazon Fire: native SDK (Java); HTML5 player (HTML5 JS)



99.95% Up-Time guaranteed

  • Post go-live support can be accessed through email, telephone call, instant messaging and on-site
  • Guaranteed response times with resolutions depending on the nature of the problem